I am the Administrator of Public Art and Culture for the City of West Palm Beach. In this role I facilitate
a robust art program (ArtLife) in the public and private sectors. The ArtLife program
commissions artists in all stages of their careers to create permanent and temporary artworks
throughout the city’s public spaces. I build cooperative relationships with the city’s cultural
institutions and organizations, provide guidelines and act as a liaison to the private sector to
create opportunities for the public to experience art and culture as an everyday occurrence.
The ArtLife sponsored initiatives are significant markers of the continued advancement of the
City of West Palm Beach as an arts and cultural destination.
I have more than two decades of experience in the arts including working with artists,
institutions, galleries, and educational institutions of higher learning. Over the past 20 years, I
have curated exhibitions, developed, and implemented public programs, and facilitated both
small and large-scale public projects. I see challenges as opportunities, and I believe in the value
of the arts as fundamental to our society’s social, cultural, economic, and intellectual growth.
I hold an MA in Arts Administration and Policy from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago,
and a BA in Art History from California State University Northridge.