Deborah Lehman Di Capua (b. Miami, Florida) is Executive Director of Fringe Projects, a
trailblazer for site-specific work, temporary public art and curator of The Underline, Miami.
Deborah is committed to furthering the discipline of public art by presenting new narratives,
investigating alternative sites, and creating new ideas at the threshold between art &
architecture. Before Fringe, Deborah earned a bachelor’s in art history from the University of
Florida, a master’s degree in architectural design from the Southern California Institute of
Architecture (Sci-Arc) in Los Angeles and then pursued a PhD in Critical Studies at UCLA.
Fundamental to her vision of public art was her work under the mentorship of Professor Miwon
Kwon, Chair of the Art History Department and author of the seminal book, One Place after
Another: Site-Specific Art and Locational Identity (MIT Press). Deborah enjoys sharing all her
work with her husband Paul, and three daughters, Noa, Pascale, & Rafaella, all of whom are
critical to her psycho-social and intellectual development.