“To be an artist is to believe in life” Henry Moore

Jennifer Armetta has been dedicated to supporting and advocating for artists for over 20 years. She founded her first gallery in Chicago, Jennifer Armetta Fine Art in 1996, with the goal of providing a space for educating collectors and advocating for artists. Upon moving to Los  Angeles in 2000, Jennifer continued her work as an art advisor educating clients on how to build meaningful collections through supporting emerging and mid-career artists. With a focus on both private and institutional collections, Jennifer became a founding member of the MCA Chicago’s acquisition board, Emerge, in 2004. Emerge is dedicated to bringing emerging artists into the museum’s permanent collection. As programming chair on the Executive Committee of  Emerge, Jennifer worked to bring opportunities to both artists and collectors that encouraged engagement and sparked curiosity in the arts. In 2020 Jennifer took the helm at Aspect/Ratio  Projects, changing the programming to include emerging and midcareer interdisciplinary conceptual artists focused on painting, photography, and sculpture. In the fall of 2021, Aspect/Ratio  Projects will change its name to ENGAGE Projects highlighting Jennifer’s personal mission of engaging with artists, communities, and patrons in order to make art, and the art community,  more accessible to everyone.  

Jennifer has been involved with a number of boards including the Chicago Museum of  Contemporary Art, Museum of Contemporary Photography, PANDAS/PANS Advocacy, and  Support, The Founder’s Board at Lurie Children’s Hospital, Juvenile Diabetes Research  Foundation, to name a few. 


Jennifer lives in Chicago with her two children, Jaden and Siena.

Art Gallery West Palm Beach
Art Gallery West Palm Beach

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