I Have No Constitution Left For Executions On My Street (State Sponsored Terrorism, Colored White And Blue), 2021, new media digital photograph by artist on aluminum, 72 in x 48 in.

Adam Daley Wilson​ (b. 1971) Adam Daley Wilson is a self-taught contemporary conceptual artist who lives and works in Maine. His work is manifested in oil painting, installations, multi-media, video, and performance art. Daley Wilson’s practice focuses on a cognitive process where he uses words and pushes them to their full extent while allowing space for interpretation. His practice also culls from his traditional education (Stanford Law, University of Pennsylvania) and his living with bipolar 1.

His text-based works are in US and international private and corporate collections in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Miami, amongst others. Daley Wilson has previously served on the Board of Trustees of IDSVA (idsva.edu), a leading PhD program with international residencies in art theory and philosophy for visual artists and creative scholars. He currently serves on the Board of a non-profit that supports US teens working to end mental illness stigma.

Art Gallery West Palm Beach
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